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Announcing - The Board Forum - genesis

The Board Forum announces added new format for early stage businesses

This new format, called The Board Forum - genesis,  like the regular Board Forum,  aims to help CEO’s, business owners, and leaders of early stage businesses, through peer interactions, to grow personally and to discover new solutions to their pressing business challenges such as; sustaining growth, developing teams, funding, adjusting strategy, planning and managing change.  A major difference, the Board Forum genesis is focused on the unique challenges of early stage businesses and is limited to only them.  

Ideal candidates;

  • have an existing promising, early stage business and are looking to grow and scale it to the next level and…
  • have a significant business problem or task that has them challenged.
  • want to improve and develop their leadership teams.
  • seek ways to invigorate their thinking and find new opportunities.


Imagine the value of insights and feedback gained from a room of highly talented individuals, from varied industries, who are all helping each other to create sustainable, profitable businesses.

Thanks to funding from sponsors and other sources, there’s no membership fee in the Board Forum genesis.

Yes. That’s right.  No membership fees!

Contact us at to attend your first meeting and learn more about the Board Forum genesis.

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