Who Joins The Board Forum CEO Roundtable?

Our CEO Roundtable Members are talented men and women committed to business improvement and personal learning. They value and trust the honesty, openness, experience and expertise of their peers.

CEO Roundtable Members are busy and involved in their companies. They find The Board Forum affords them an opportunity to think critically about their business and themselves providing an exceptional return on their time investment. Members are reassured to learn they have a confidential network of peers whose sole intent is to focus on each other and their CEO-level issues and so they don’t have to go it alone.

From our 100's of members, here are just a few examples of what they say about The Board Forum:


  • “The Board Forum is a way to look at something with no preconceived notions as to how things should be done, even if I like to think I'm right. I get a broader, wider perspective than I would if I were to meet as part of a manufacturers' group”.
    Skip Sullivan CEO Electro-Prep Inc
  • "When I discovered the Board Forum, I immediately found it was more of what I wanted. It is a rich experience with high level thinking and support to help me with my strategic business challenges."
    Nancy Keddy CEO/ Founder NSK Inc.
  • “The Board Forum facilitators are gifted in their ability to draw information from us and provide us with context and innovative concepts consistently. My business resulted in growth and a clear strategic direction immediately.”
    Bill Noonan CEO Contravisory Investment Management - Member since 2007
  • “Before I joined The Board Forum, we projected 5% growth; yet as a result of my facilitators and peers, (that year) we accomplished over 12% growth. The help and guidance on issues related to Human Capital from my facilitator contributed to my evolving philosophy about leadership. The people in my company would not have accomplished this much without being engaged in the process and believing they are relevant on all levels. His input and consultation through hiring practices, competency development and personal mentoring have helped to make this all happen ...and for that I am very grateful.”
    Michael McMahon President Hill & Partners, Inc.
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